Global women’s football is making it through the dip.

As The Dip author Seth Godin states, “The Dip is the long slog between starting and mastering. Extraordinary benefits accrue to the tiny majority who are able to push a bit longer than most”.

The dip it’s the tremendously hard part that leads to a privileged zone where few athletes, clubs, countries, media, brands, tournaments or agencies reach.

It’s where we are right now, striving for a sustainable, profitable and healthy women’s football in endless countries. To get to this worthy scenario there must be a hard and scarce part first, and that’s where we are now.

  • Players making a comfortable living from women’s football.
  • Clubs being able to afford the best players.
  • Countries extensively satisfying the demand of women’s football market.
  • Media being consumed to know more about this sport.
  • Brands making also an economic ROI from their sponsorship.
  • Tournaments making a big impact at all levels.
  • Agencies growing and being sustainable from women’s football.

It’s waiting for us at the end of the dip.

It’s an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Quit or be exceptional.

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