Ideas can be worth millions.

Epic ideas that connect your brand, your fans and their passion can leave a long-lasting memory.

Sponsorship campaigns that tell an emotional benefit rather than offering a product or service are the ones who make it.

Digging into the sincerest fears, emotions and desires of our fans is the journey to connecting in a deeper way.

For instance, taking advantage from a relegation, promotion, title, national day or big game to show why they should care about our partner’s brand.

Imagine Coca-Cola being the responsible for bringing, actually paying for, the most wanted player for PSG fans to Paris, and giving away lots of free product during the presentation or her first goal. Speechless.

That’s what Cristal beer did for Peruvian fans with The Hacking Jersey, one of the most disruptive sponsorship activations I have even seen. They turned New Zealand’s stadium into a Peruvian look to push their team back to the World Cup after 36 years.

Please don’t miss it, this is true gold.


Photo credit: Ads of the World

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