As sports marketers, we are all day long creating.

Making ideas a reality in shape of sponsorship proposals, marketing plans, social media calendars or ideas to increase revenue.

The thing is, what is it behind all these ideas?
Are you trying to invent a product where the most value is at its features list or are you providing specific feelings through a story?

Let’s take it to women’s football. There are dozens, hundreds or thousands of clubs surrounding you with a quite similar product. Matchday tickets, merchandising, food & beverages, season tickets and maybe B2B events within the sports facilities.

What could make you different?

What could make your fans bring out your ‘sold out’ poster?

Not certainly any of the above but their perception about your brand. Feeling part of something worthy that shares their worldview is what can make them jump from the sofa.

In other words, the storytelling about your brand. We’re shifting from the Making Stuff Curve to the Making Stuff Up Curve, as Seth Godin explains at All Marketers Are Liars. Fans are driven for what they want, not what they need. So, let’s make something up they can feel identified with and happy to buy.

Product matters, a lot. The story and your product have to be consistent. But what will make them pay attention, give it a try and tell their friends is the story they believe about your brand.

Yes, that’s the hardest part. That’s called marketing.

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