“We have a good product, I do not understand why nobody sponsors us.” “We appear in media every week, is not that enough?”. There are many factors that lead to the signing of a sponsorship deal, one of them, the sponsorship proposal. There are almost as many types as characters, but without a previous structure to expose the information clearly and detailed it will become very complicated o reach a win-to-win agreement.

Throughout my almost 3 years of experience in the field of sports marketing, one of my tasks has always been to generate income by marketing the assets of the entity. Although the emotional factor in relation to sports always plays an important role, my perception is that my most successful sponsorship proposals have been those in which I have presented the information in the most empathetic and detailed possible way. That is, when I have offered more arguments in terms of activation, return of investment and scope of the deal.

In short, explain what it will cost to get what result is the key aspect, as well as complementing the proposal with in-knowledge about the target to which the different actions will impact. There are many sports disciplines and working methods, but a standard structure of a sponsorship proposal could be summarized in the following parts:

  1. General information. Description of the dimension and legitimacy of the event
  2. Introduction. Synthesis of opportunities along with with the objectives of the presentation
  3. The event or sports property. Complete presentation of the scope, dimension and main characteristics
  4. Opportunities. Details of the sponsorship alternatives, costs and return of investment
  5. Call-to-action. Identify the following steps leading to the signing of the agreement

To differentiate you from the heap of proposals and presentations with which you could compete, try to differentiate yourself somehow. Beyond exposing successful testimonies, which are also necessary, look for some new way to leave a positive footprint. For example, add a video where one of your main players or personalities call the brand to get involved and become a partner.

Keep in mind that if all goes well, your proposal will go through different levels and people. So, do not you think it’s worth the time and effort to come up with a good proposal presentation before you try your luck?

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