A. Brand influence is born, grows, plummets and die.
B. Brand influence is born, grows and keeps growing within retirement.

From the brilliant book Athletes Are Brands Too written by Jeremy Darlow, we can have a more accurate idea of the effect of managing athletes’ brands and also the poor results of not leveraging the potential of an athlete.

Of course any athlete can decide what to do with her brand, but it’s a unique opportunity to make an impact through their brands either on society, on their bank account or back to sports, or all together.

According to Darlow, the spotlight and maximum influence of any athlete during her career is from their 24s until 28s on average. That’s not exclusively when the brand has to be developed, the right time is at the beginning so the brand influence skyrockets when the athlete reaches the peak of her sports career.

Building the brand from an authentic story, frequency, consistency and a well-defined brand positioning statement are the most powerful weapons for a legendary brand.

Will you take A or B?

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