In women’s football, I have been involved in many tight-budget projects, and who haven’t?

Where money lacks, pressure for return of investment is higher, pushing for economic results to make the whole show sustainable.

However, we have two options: make money taking from others or giving to others so they feel more than happy to pay what you ask.

That’s also where we see the real purpose of professionals, either making an impact on women’s football or on their bank accounts. In the end, some sleep happier with just more income and others with contribution.

We can approach relationships with fans, brands and media in a way in which we can overwhelm them with free value, a lot more than expected.

For instance, giving away free drinks or foods at half-time to improve fan experience, adding extra brand assets for sponsors on spotlight moments or letting media access to vital information to make their work better.

Why not giving 99% for free while selling 1% premium?

If we offer a remarkable experience, fans, brands and media will be more than open to buy and recommend if we help them to solve a problem.

The more you give, the more you receive.

Exceeding expectations is the most sustainable, profitable and insightful path.

Photo credit: FIFA Women’s World Cup

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