Last week I attended the 2nd tier of UWCL clash between FC Barcelona and Olympique Lyon. The Mini Estadi beat an attendance record with 12,178 spectators, an scenery at the level of the team the Barça players were facing.

Lyon made it to the semi-finals as most people expected, but struggling against a team that exhibited a more than decent performance on the pitch.

That’s fine. A champions atmosphere for a champions clash.

Regarding our field, sports marketing, let’s focus on what can be improved for next time.

  1. Experience. I attended with my colleagues from Naru Sports, we got our free tickets behind the benches. We couldn’t see 70% of what was happening because the benches were blocking the view. We moved to a not much better position. Why promoting fan attendance in any game were the game can’t be enjoyed? First things first.
  2. Sponsorship activation. As in the game against Atlético de Madrid, the new and probably the only exclusive partner for the women’s team didn’t show up at the party. 12,178 spectators could have known, engaged or interacted with the brand. What is an sponsorship without activation?
  3. Let the players talk. The club, players and media appreciated the massive support of the fans, in social media. Why not doing something different and giving them a microphone at the end of the game to say thanks and motivate us for the next games?

These are suggestions to match, at the stands, the goals that are pursued on the grass.

What do your fans say about you when they head back home?

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