As said in yesterday’s post, these days I have been given the opportunity to lead a women’s football seminar for a Football Corporate Tour.

The schedule at RCD Espanyol Stadium was composed by seminars, case studies and a final tour. After an explanation about the main marketing lessons from UEFA Women’s Euro, the following case study was presented.

In an attempt to increase fan attendance, engagement and media awareness for Espanyol women’s team, the exercise the demanded the following goals:

  • Engaging fans with the women’s team and its players across the club’s social media channels
  • Finding creative ways to give exposure to the women’s team on match-days, increasing fan attendance considering the economic limitations in the club’s budget
  • Launching a campaign to promote awareness for the women’s team together with the men’s team

After a discussion time among groups, here are some of the best ideas that came out that can be useful for you:

  1. Half-time show with penalty shoot-out
  2. Male’s team squad attending the women’s team games
  3. Signing foreign players to activate campaigns with foreign partners
  4. 1’ video clips with men’s and female’s players
  5. Investing in grassroots development to have less semi-professionals and more professional players
  6. Daily storytelling content, showing how is a day in the life of a women’s football player
  7. Face-to-face interviews with men’s and women’s players
  8. Using brand ambassadors, within and without the club, to promote the team
  9. Building messages from values as confidence and freedom
  10. Taking care of away fans
  11. Giving VIP access to women’s team players at men’s games
  12. Playing an exhibition game with both teams mixed
  13. Set a minimum salary to make them professional
  14. Cross-selling with tickets, foods and beverages on match-days
  15. Showing their twitter account on the back of their jerseys
  16. Broadcasting games for free
  17. Equality packages for men’s sponsors
  18. Actions with the women at men’s half-time games
  19. Make the women’s team present at men’s press conferences

Want more? No worries, I wrote 17 extra ideas in a past article.

Hope you can apply any of these ideas.

There will be more coming, soon. Stay tuned.

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