Rather than a stadium, we could think of a temple. A sacred place where the fans attend to pay loyalty to their club.

It doesn’t matter the level of technology, infrastructure or connectivity you can provide as long as fans go back home feeling proud.

However, there are many potential synergies that can be either exploited as they already exist in the stadium or eventually created to enrich the matchday experience.

What if we are in the entertainment business?

Well, if fans attend to have a good time, there we know what industry we are in. New stadiums tend to include shopping centres, hotels, VIP areas for kids and even co-workings that make us think about everything but football.

Thus, stadiums are becoming less football pitches in order to count as top-valued assets, especially when naming rights come into play.

In the next chart, you will see many ways through which you could make more money out of your stadium while trying to offer the most exciting experience.

From real estate, gaming, cashless systems or sports centres.

It’s up to you to decide how special is your temple.

Source: @JoaquinMFrutos

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