Why does a professional women’s football players need a website?

Why not?

A website is an opportunity to get permission from potential fans and partners to connect with them.

What does it mean getting permission?

Well, it means getting the ‘yes’ to a first date. Obtaining their trust to start a relationship through personal, anticipated and relevant content. An email is a great tool for that, but avoid spamming please.

The next question would be, what is valuable for your potential fans and partners in order to start a relationship? How can you provide solid value on a frequent and consistent basis so you give a lot before getting back?

Pernille Harder, Alex Morgan, Yael Averbuch and Steph Houghton. These are world-class players with websites worth having a look at. They have some elements in common:

  • Sharing their personal story, values and goals
  • Posting the best and most engaging content they have
  • Remarking benefits for brands through potential sponsorships
  • Promoting their own camp
  • Offering exclusive products through their shop

You don’t need neither titles nor being rich, you just need a powerful story.Marketing Fútbol Femenino


Marketing Fútbol Femenino


Marketing Fútbol Femenino


Marketing Fútbol Femenino


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