In a previous post, we saw the importance of stories to connect with fans, brands and media. The so-called storytelling as central tool for making a positive impact through marketing.

What is marketing? In my opinion, marketing means causing a positive impact in what matters to you.

To build a powerful story, there are 5 characteristics that should be met. A story..

  1. Is true. Not because it’s factual, but because it’s consistent and authentic
  2. Make a promise. They promise an exceptional and great outcome, something worth believing in
  3. Is trusted. We are constantly saturated with messages and information, so the stories we believe in are those worth talking about
  4. Happens fast. Don’t need a lot of explanation because their message is clear, short and powerful
  5. Appeal to feelings. They are aimed to our worldview and the way we feel about that idea, rather than logical or rational arguments

How convincing is the story you tell?

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