Another breaking-record initiative from men’s to women’s football. Or from women’s to men’s football, why not?

FC Barcelona women and men squads will share a pre-season tour in United States, a country that has become one of the fastest-growing football markets in the recent years.

New schools, academies, campus and even new women’s football team’s franchises at the horizon in United States.

Like always, we will see if 2019 pre-season will consolidate this spirit or it will rather be a “marketing bomb” for this summer. Anyway, we will see an unprecedented presence of women and men during pre-season.

It will be especially interesting to see if common sponsors as Stanley Tools, who will first brand the women’s front jersey, will have any particular presence.

Under “The magicians of the ball”, the blue and red brand will aim to sell the same “tiki-taka” show on and off the field.

Let the show begin.

More on FC Barcelona website.

Photo credit: FC Barcelona

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