Surprises, tight scoreboards, less candidates but more equality, unpredictable bets and last-minute goals. Necessary ingredients to boost league emotions to achieve sold-out panels in stadium offices.

Out of the main world women football leagues, the American National Women Soccer League, the English Women’s Super League and the French Division Féminine 1 are worth to be mentioned for the level displayed on the field and for their competitiveness grade. On the other hand, these leagues are also the ones composed by fewer teams, with no more than 12 clubs. Inevitably, this model seems to lead to a higher level of competitiveness both in and out the pitch, with more well-balanced squads and equalized investments from federations, sponsors and TV channels.

What would happen if the Liga Iberdrola had 10 teams? On paper, it seems that it would tend to increase average stadium attendance. Besides, a shorter calendar could help to focus and strengthen media impacts in determined moments. In comparison to big European competitions, despite the fact that attendance average does not grow too much, it would be interesting to analyze the impact that this model of fewer teams has on global revenues.

Clearly, United States “soccer” league plays in another level. In relation to matchday, the effort and investment made to take care of fan experience raises match emotion to a higher dimension.

Do you obsess enough in taking care of your fans to make them religiously attend to every game?

Marketing Women Football

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