Nowadays, in the new connected and and digital economy, is more important than ever to provide a remarkable experience to our fans.

And there is no great experience without storytelling, and no great storytelling without a strong slogan and powerful insight. So, it seems marketers will be mainly assessed for their ability to tell stories.

Here are 4 lessons to improve your storytelling:

  1. Use numbers. Back your idea with statistics, data and research when you tell a story. According Stanford University, stories with statistics have a retention rate of 70%.
  2. Have a structure. Design carefully the hook, plot and resolution of your story. Your audience will not care if you just improvise without a structure.
  3. Tie your story into a larger point. Make it important, attractive and consistent. Don’t just tell a normal story.
  4. Make it relatable. Know your audience and adapt your language, settings and characters to make it easy to resonate with.

If our job is to build brand equity for the companies we work with, let’s start crafting the most valuable asset they can possess.

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