Creativity, perseverance and perfection. Three values that define Lorenzo Perales and his vision about sports marketing and sponsorship. According to Lorenzo, women’s football needs to develop its own commercial strategy without comparing to other sports.

Lorenzo Perales is one of the professionals with the most solid experience in sponsorship at a global level. A true reference in the sector after 17 years at Real Madrid as Sponsorship Director, growing the department revenues from 100 to 750 million euros and negotiating with brands as Emirates, Adidas or Microsoft. During his time at Santander Bank as Marketing Director, he led the sponsorship activation with LaLiga and UEFA Champions League.

Here you have the main lessons from his interview:

  • Connect with empathy. The art of sponsorship is based on adding value through emotion. The more analysis, the highest value.
  • From awareness to engagement. Top brands pursue an opportunity to connect leveraging fan passion, beyond pure visibility.
  • Listening, creativity and perseverance are three fundamental skills to progress and deliver more value in sports sponsorship.
  • At Real Madrid, the transformation and modernisation of its commercial area were built on teaming up a great group of professionals.
  • At Santander Bank, football allowed to position the brand as a leader through LaLiga and as friendly and close through the nature of this sport.
  • Audience and fans, the two most valuable assets to awaken commercial interest from sponsors, vital elements to connect a brand.
  • Women’s football needs to implement its own sponsorship model according to its characteristics and audience, without replicating men’s football models by inertia.

About Real Madrid women’s team, Lorenzo highlighted the big pressure that Real Madrid brand will have on every aspect of the team, both sports and commercial. A prestige that will demand the club to be the main player and take every step very consciously.

Regarding personal lessons, Lorenzo Perales made caring about details a main priority to attract and maintain partners, as well as understanding “no” as part of the journey to constant improvement.

Finally, he identified curiosity as an essential skill to learn, grow and make an impact every day, a recommendation for  those seeking to leave a positive footprint on sports marketing.

Here, the full interview in Spanish, a true privilege:

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