Are we present in digital platforms to increase our brand awareness? To build a loyal community? To monetise our impact?

Is it for us or for the fans we seek to make a positive change?

We all could agree that fans are the core of women’s football, the family we want to protect, both for clubs, players, competitions and federations. But do we act accordingly in Instagram, for example?

The truth is she is your fan because of what she believes, because of the story she tells herself about engaging with your brand. And it’s also true we tend to create content based on our interest and goals, not hers.

AS Roma is a great benchmark in social media regarding the way they attract and care about followers’ attention and trust. They started by creating different accounts for the men’s and women’s team. Why? Even in the same club, different interests from fans require personalised kinds of content. In summary, as they explain:

“It’s about spreading better messages to the right people on the right platform”.

That’s okay, but how we can practically apply it in our everyday busy schedules? Here are some insights:

  • Prioritise user experience. If she’s on Twitter, that’s exactly where she wants to be, don’t force her to go to the website to buy a t-shirt. She will go if she decides to, not you.
  • Adapt your content. Don’t post the same content everywhere, adapt to the sizes, formats and content characteristics of each platform.
  • Don’t focus on wrong KPI’s. Getting more website visits it’s about quantity, not quality. Put your energy on their engagement and satisfaction instead.
  • Embrace user-generated content. The content they create about you is the one they feel interested with. Promote it instead of ignoring it.
  • Know when to entertain. If they don’t mind switching from Netflix to you team’s game, offer an entertaining experience.
  • They have preferences. Don’t insist on letting them know on which channels you are present, provide good content to satisfy them where they want to follow you.
  • Listen and reply carefully. Your follower’s lifetime value could be higher than 3,000€. Would you react in the same way?
  • Ask for feedback. They can tell you directly what is engaging, attractive and cool. How could they not engage if they cooperate?
  • Be super fast. When matters but also how long it takes to consume your content. If it’s a long video, it better be epic.
  • Be remarkable. Your followers trust their family and friends more than your brand, give them reasons to recommend you.
  • Remain vulnerable. Real and unfiltered content builds trust, not always-perfect and unreal posts don’t.

Attention and trust are the most difficult but precious assets we can develop within our digital community. Let’s earn them by listening and adapting to shorter attention spans.

It’s not about your team, brand or recent campaign. It’s about them.

Here’s a great example of how the US Soccer WNT announced their selected players for FIFA Women’s World Cup: The Roster (U.S.)

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

The Roster (U.S.) 💼 #OneNationOneTeam

Una publicación compartida de U.S. Soccer WNT (@uswnt) el

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