When more fans are attending games and mass and niche media are dedicating more coverage to the women’s game, the absurd 1% of sports sponsorship invested in women’s sport will radically change. However, it will if we take responsibility for two jobs: working on meaningful brands for players, clubs and competitions and communicate their stories in the right way. Women own a significant 80% of purchasing power across the majority of industries related to sport, so let’s market for them, not to them.

Obsessing in understanding what attitudes and behaviours are behind women’s football fans is vital to get ideas spread. Fans demand bold, committed and risky brands able to challenge the status quo in favour of their beliefs and dreams. Climate change, human rights and feminism are macro tendencies attracting more and more power globally, a precious opportunity for brands to contribute meaningfully. Today, safe is more risky than ever, this is why only close to 20% of brands will survive in years to come. As attention is the most valuable and challenging asset to build, working to provide entertaining and significant stories becomes a must.

Barclays, Gillette, Dove, Nike, Starbucks, Iberdrola, Stanley, Budweiser or Visa are brands willing to take the risk first, recognising that is the safest path to leave a remarkable footprint on fans’ hearts. Up to 40% of tradicional mass media audiences are represented by women, so we should do marketing accordingly. These are companies which empower women to build a better society, through inspirational and benefitial message. Focusing on meaning, not on selling. This is what Marvel did recently, together with LaLiga, with their great movie Captain Marvel, about superheroes in women’s sport:

There is literally no time for hesitating and for not building meaningful brands. Our superheroes in women’s football are ready to get their stories spread and to connect with fans, brands and media. The cost of opportunity is to high, we can either craft a change-making brand or be forgotten.

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