How we approach commercial conversations determines how successful we’ll be when generating business revenues.

It’s easy to see marketers focus their talk on what ROI their brand has, how many fans attend to games or how many people follow their club in social media.

Actually, it’s discouraging for potential sponsors, investors or partners.

As individuals and professionals, we grow by solving our problems. Solutions that allow us to keep advancing. So, if you’re not solving any problem, you will fail to sell. Especially in women’s football, who has more money than needed and ready to be wasted? I don’t know anyone yet.

The conversation should follow this structure:

1. Put the pain on the table. Identifying and describing the problem the sponsor, for instance, need to solve. It could be brand awareness, client loyalty, engagement, prescription, product displaying, reputation or low conversion rates, for instance.

2. Describe your solution. Argue what benefits that you offer can be extremely helpful to eliminate their problem by saving time, money or remarkable value.

3. Claim your profit. This is a win-win equation, so here it comes when you benefit. Ask for your sale. But note that your sale is their solution and benefit, so everyone should be happy to close the deal.

We tend to start from claiming our sale or describing our product or service without letting the other person know we’re helping them to solve a problem.

What pain are you going to cure?

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