90% of success is preparation.

This is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been told. Anticipating the situation in order to be ready to rock is a key factor to achieve your goals.

One of them is probably getting new fans.

But what should we know in advance to seduce them?

We used to market and segment customers based on demographics, age, gender, location or social status.

In football, we can find from a 50 years old woman executive with high purchasing power to a 18 years old male student with little savings.

So, here you have 4 alternative variables to focus on:

  • Fears. What are they goals and what obstacles do they find? If marketing is about solving problems, knowing our fans’ fears can allow our brand to help them overcome them.
  • Pains. What do our fans miss in or outside football? Is there any shared feeling when they attend any game?
  • Worldview. What do they think about women’s football and your club? Is there something we can do to align our brand to those thoughts?
  • Community. Which communities or groups are they part of? Maybe we can leverage common behaviours and attitudes.

Targeting demographics won’t fill your stadium, solving a shared problem will.

How much do you know about your fans?

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