Time For Action.

For the first time, UEFA launched a dedicated women’s football strategy. The main goal is clear, doubling the number of female players by 2024.

More participation means more quality on the pitch which leads to a higher commercial value that attracts more girls to join the game.

What you need to know

  • Focused on participation and mindset. Reaching 2,5 million registered female players and advance towards a more inspirational, inclusive, funnier and stronger women’s football.
  • UEFA Women’s Euro and Women’s Champions League will become top-level flagship competitions to lead the commercial growth in European women’s football.
  • Priorities: driving more participation with more inclusive programmes; developing the game at an amateur and professional level; transforming competitions by delivering global benchmarks events; enhancing governance structures with more women at al levels and increasing the commercial value through innovative approaches.
  • Encourages strategic partners, member associations, clubs and players to get involved and committed to create their own strategic frameworks from UEFA strategy

Growth stats

  • +50% professional players since 2017
  • +36% fan attendance increase in 2018/19 UWCL
  • 2,200 average attendance at national team matches (+33% since 2017)
  • First fully professional women’s league, the English WSL

What you can learn

  • First mindset, then money. The strategy sets as a vital priority to build a healthy and appropiate environment where women’s football is perceived and valued according to its potential, before focusing only on leveraging economic growth.
  • Optimise the product to increase impact. Women’s Champions League and Women’s Euro will be improved to showcase the best possible experience for stakeholders. It’s far more efficient and profitable to focus on perfectioning product than on selling it.
  • Innovation as a visibility tool. Implementing innovative and fresh ideas is set as a key decision-making approach to provide new solutions. Especially, new ideas aimed to increase awaraness for the game and its main characters.
  • Caring about the pyramid. Either at a commercial, sports, governance and operational level, UEFA aims to foster the elite but also strengthening and ensuring a sustainable future at an amateur and grassroots level.  

Action for new opportunities.

Check here to access UEFA Women’s Football Strategy 2019–24.

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