Emphasising is one of the most important skills to lead a sponsorship to success.

Why? Being able to think and feel like your potential sponsors is key to understand their needs and exceed their expectations.

To do that, we first have to anticipate what they look for. Why could they be interested in partnering with any women’s football stakeholder?

Here are the top 3 variables sponsors take into consideration:

  1. Sports performance. Any company wants to associate its brand to a successful team, athlete or competition. They look for the winners, who are the ones that appear in media and get talked about in the street.
  2. Number of followers. Digital users following your brand are the ultimate fan data base that companies can reach through your partnership. Offering a big quantity with the desired characteristics is gold for them.
  3. Your ‘why’. The story, philosophy and values behind your team is what will finally connect both parties, based on emotions rather than rational arguments.

How do you perform in each one?

Photo credit: FIFA.com

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