After all 12 games from the group stage first round have been played, we can see how Grenoble, Paris and Reims accumulate the highest average in fan attendance. Teams as the host country, France, as well as United States and Japan have made their debuts for this edition at the mentioned cities.

It’s true that the expectations were very high and, therefore, we tend to compare them to what we experience on TV or at the stadium. This can be risky if fans, sponsors or media feel that the tournament could have been even bigger.

However, taking into account the fact that domestic leagues are generally at a growth phase, reaching these numbers can be considered good news at this stage of the competition. Past Women’s World Cups in United States or Germany might had gathered more fans during the first games, but we also have to consider their market size and tradition for the women’s game.

In the end, a major sports tournament should seek to make fans happier and to leave a positive footprint, a legacy to build on. Despite expectations and numbers debates, it seems France will witness a promising spectacle as bigger crowds will eventually attend.

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