If you had to design the club of the future, how would it look like?

DUX Gaming is a club created by the founders of Vizz Agency, one of the top influencers agencies that works with Ibai Llanos and ElRubius, radically moved away from the traditional model.

Focused on sports videogames to build experiences from the core values of real sport, DUX was born to entertain, specially the youngest generation. From eSports to football, and not the other way around like the rest of the clubs.

A few weeks ago, the pioneer deal between the women’s football team EDF Logroño and DUX Gaming was announced. With an organic audience of 16M people and supported by the footballers Thibaut Courtois and Borja Iglesias, DUX became a co-owner of the future DUX Logroño.

Mario Fernández, CEO of DUX Gaming and former Communications Director at Electronic Arts Spain and Portugal, leads a project designed on strategic pillars such as content, equality and monetisation in the digital world.

Next, the main lessons from the interview:

  • Why this deal. Being the first eSports club to sign a female professional player, Laura Moreno, DUX Gaming landed in Logroño because of its important youth base with a structure connected to about a thousand families, the attractive of Las Gaunas stadium and the positive feeling with the club management.
  • The roots of EDF Logroño. Taking care of the special bond with fans in the city and in La Rioja, EDF aspires to reach new audiences at a national and global level, reinforcing the role of ambassadors among players like Olga García, and to attract the interest of sponsors with a digital mindset.
  • Content, and more content. The communications strategy will focus on leveraging each detail in social media, both in live content in streaming platforms such as Twitch as well as in audio-visual productions. Players will become influencers and, news, entertaining stories.
  • The Infinite Club. “We believe all current clubs carry the traditional model from the last century, we want to be disruptive in creating the model of the future”. From a club to an entertaining hub, DUX Gaming seeks to elevate the dimension of its clubs by blending real and virtual sports experiences, across the world.
  • Synergies with assets and partners. Cross-marketing actions with DUX Internacional de Madrid, the professional gamer DjMario or partners such as Heineken or Playstation are some of the possibilities to expand the impact from women’s football to other audiences.
  • Pioneers in blockchain. Besides offering experiences, DUX Gaming aims to be relevant in those innovative opportunities present in next generations. In January, David Barral, player for DUX Internacional de Madrid, became the first-ever signing to be acquired with cryptocurrency.

A brave bet which demonstrates that football does not compete in the industry of sport but entertainment. DUX Gaming and EDF Logroño are headed to establish the first gaming club in Spanish women’s football.

According to Mario, setting a disruptive path in club management is the horizon to feel proud in the future.

Welcome to infinity.

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