Becoming a salesman for the sponsor, normalising women’s football and telling a consistent story about the price.

It was a real privilege to interview Jim Gooley, international women’s football specialist and former Director of Sales at Sky Blue FC, in the NWSL. Jim particularly accumulates massive experience in the fields of sponsorship, ticketing, matchday operations and business development.

Here you have priceless takeaways from the interview:

  • Money is a story. If you give away tickets, you are telling everyone your team has no value. Express value about your assets to fans, brands and media.
  • Become a sales team for your sponsor. Look how you can fit into their business plan to provide at least a 1 to 10 ratio ROI and sell the sponsorship internally.
  • Analyse what values, story and market niche you represent. Your sports organisation or athlete are a window to reach an specific market.
  • Add value on your regular follow-up with your sponsors. It’s one of the most important parts of the relationship, being there to succeed expectations.
  • Increase fan engagement with merchandising, a great asset within women’s football, and by promoting your game with the experience beyond the field.

Jim Gooley also shared his opinion regarding last FIFA Women’s World Cup, believing it was a big step in normalising the fact of cheering for women in sport and its entertainment as a product.

Precious insights about women’s football marketing from a great professional, on and off the field. You can enjoy the full interview here:

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