The fact that Spanish women football keeps moving forward in terms of media impact and professionalism is not news. What is hopeful news is the increasing presence of sponsoring brands attracted by the women football boom.

Big teams are beginning to monetize the growth of the Liga Iberdrola. A few weeks ago, Atletico de Madrid Femenino announced their new main sponsor deal with nutritionist firm Herbalife. In that case, showing a real and long-term commitment until 2020, in contrast of Mr Jeff, who will be visible until the end of the current 2016-17 season.

From the reason why of Valencia CF Femenino and Mr Jeff, laundry and cleaning company, it is worth mentioning their synergies from which the relationship will be built. Connecting with Valencian fans through future investment with an innovative and sacrifice spirit is the shared mission of both entities. Far from the traditional advertising sponsorship model, the club and the new sponsor have a significant story in common. Mr Jeff’s CMO, Aaron Rodríguez, stated “we did not identify any better way to connect with the city than partnering with Valencia CF was. We are an innovative firm that share the same values and goals of entrepreneurship, sacrifice and dream seeking.”

Now, it will become as important to take care of the sponsoring deal as it has been to reach the contract, wondering questions as:

  • Which indicators will be useful to measure the sponsorship return of investment?
  • How will the club pursue the deal renewal?
  • Which specific actions will the fans benefit from?

Out of the top 4 of the table, just FC Barcelona Femení and Levante UD Femenino keep they jerseys without main sponsor. Who will be the next to find their “soulmate”?

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