This week I had the privilege to attend the first edition of the Athens Women’s Football Summit, an international congress held in Greece that gather the top sports leaders in women’s football. I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker in a marketing panel.

Endless valuable connections and learnings from players, coaches, general managers, executives and international experts. Here you have the top ones:

  • Perceived value is what usually separate us from revenue. Giving away tickets or merchandising will devaluate our product, experience and brand, letting people pay for what they get will make them perceive the value of women’s football assets.
  • Work on revenue per capita per game. From a club perspective, fans go through a customer experience during matchdays, creating potential revenue streams and measuring them is crucial to leverage matchday income. For instance, new actions in food & beverages, merchandising or hospitality could increase a revenue per capita by 80%.
  • The financial impact of the Women’s World Cup was 39.3 million euros: including Ticketing (24,7M€), Sponsoring (7,6M€), French State (6M€) and Franchises (1M€). 24 games were sold-out, with a 75% of attendance and an accessible average ticket price of 22€.
  • Women’s football strategies need to be translated to real action, federations have the opportunity to build sustainable and attractive competitions, however governance and leadership need to take responsibility to make it happen.
  • The English FA did a great job before, during and after the World Cup, with TV shows, behind-the-scenes content, interviews, live shows on Twitter that made Lionesses the fastest-growing social accounts of all nations. The semi-final against United States registered the highest TV audience in 2019 with 11,7M viewers, more than the Wimbledon’s men’s final.

Some of the guest speakers were legends in sport as Carolina Morace and Gilberto Silva, Brigitte Henriques, Vice President of the French Football Federation (FFF); Tatjana Haenni, Head of Women’s Football at Swiss Football Association and Former Deputy Director FIFA Head of Women’s Football; Ebru Koksal, Chair of Women in Football; Mayi Cruz Blanco, Global Head of Athlete Programmes at ADECCO Group and Jim Gooley, international expert in women’s football.

As the event claim says: Invest, Empower, Inspire.

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