As managers in clubs, athletes or professionals in women’s football, are we selling thinking about our clients or our bank account?

In the short run, you will be able to convince almost anyone to try your product or service, however they will not probably repeat if you only pursue an economic goal. They will come back and maybe with more money, if you send a message when she ends up winning clearly and honestly. Experts say that people decide to listen to someone following these criteria: 60% of what makes people decide to listen to you is what they think of you as a person. It’s not even what you’re saying, it’s what they think of you. 30% is the process you use, like the order you present and organize things. 10% is what you’re selling.

¿How can we get them to like us so they decide to listen?

It is about the story you tell about yourself. From the moment they know you exist until they interact with you in one way or another, every second is an opportunity to connect with your story. Women’s football has a unique potential to tell a different story, based on values as closeness and purpose that goes beyond football and can work in favour of the role of women in society. If we know that we need to connect first to get them to listen to us, let’s begin to build a powerful message worth paying attention, before throwing commercial and tactic bullets that are not based on the way they decide to listen, in this case, it would be just a 10% of their decision.

This aspect and others as the necessity to build the message from a target focus were discussed in a session I participated with the students of UCFB:

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