The fact that women’s football is growing and it has a great potential to go is as obvious as interesting. Especially, it brings a big opportunity for women’s football marketing professionals.

In this article, I would like to offer you the main numbers to make women’s football expansion not just a perception, but an analysis worth considering when looking for sponsors or media to engage with.

In Europe:

  • The last Women’s Euro was a boom. The Netherlands sold out all their games and TV audience reached a 42%, with more than 20M interactions in the digital environment
  • The total of registered players has grown a 7%, achieving the milestone of 1.3M
  • The total of professional and semi-professional players has increased by 25% up to 2.572

En España:

  • Registered players number has grown by 13.7% from 2015
  • Currently, there are 46,208 registered players
  • Spain is the 6th with more footballers, after Germany (1st), Netherlands (2nd), France (3rd), Sweden (4th) and England (5th)
  • Spain is the 2nd country with the highest growth rate, a 63% since 2012, only surpassed by France with an 83%

Clearly, numbers like these reflect the amount of work behind women’s football promotion. On the other side, these numbers also sets us in a position where we have a lot to go in comparison to countries as United States.

As with all the data we collect regularly, it has to serve as a situation analysis to know where we are and make decisions. At all levels, marketing, communications, sports, administration and general management.

Beyond answers, is critical ask the right questions. What kind of information do you need to make risky decisions?

You can access to more information of the study where this data comes from:

UEFA Women’s Football Across National Associations 2017

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