The European social media networks have a dominant English personality. If social media ranking provided teams with points, Arsenal Women would be the champion of the last 2016-17 season with 5.5M followers.

Following the analysis of the main clubs and leagues in Europe, elaborated from the Benchmark 2016-17, it can be concluded that the FA Women’s English Super League is the absolute reference in the digital field with a total of 12.5 million followers. Far from those figures, the German and Spanish league complete the podium with 4.2 million and 0.97 million respectively. In terms of clubs, Arsenal Women lead the ranking ahead of Manchester City Women with 4.9 million and FC Bayern Frauen, followed by 4.1 million fans. Regarding the platform, Facebook is the most attractive in all leagues with a total of 17.8 million users, followed by Instagram away with 1.5 million and Twitter with 0.58 million. This hierarchy is replicated in each of the national leagues, so Facebook will continue to be of vital importance, and especially with the development of Facebook Live and Facebook Watch.

Women's football social media

Why is there so much distance among leagues?

In my opinion, this gap is due to the ‘social media age’ of each leagues and their level of professionalization in areas such as sponsorship or television rights. On the other hand, another reason to take into account is the ability of clubs to transfer their digital know-how from men’s to women’s sections. Having a look at the social media ranking, all ranked clubs have a men’s team. Thus, the synergies exploited in terms of marketing and communication also play a relevant role in winning games in social networks.

For the social media analysis, only those profiles that are exclusive to the female section have been taken into account, dated 25/6/2017, from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. The chosen clubs are the top 5 in each league in the 2016/17 season.


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