If not the very first, one of the first.

And the first-mover has always many advantages worth considering, like more diffusion and support from the sports community, brand positioning and interest from potential sponsors.

The first-mover is also exposed to competition reactions, analysing and evolving the product from their failures to launch an improved version. Like Google did from Yahoo or Facebook from Myspace.

But… Do we have to wait until someone tries it first?

No. Especially if we are talking about women’s football, where many things can be done for the first time.

As you will see in the video, Women’s Soccer Manager lacks of important details as the correct players’ names, faces or official clubs’ licences. But that’s where you start from and it’s still very far from what existed until today, nothing.

Brian Morgan, US women’s national team player is the well-known face and ambassador for the game.

Reading the reviews of the football manager game, you see that people is more grateful for having a women’s football game than strict with what can be improved.

Why don’t we start in the same way in areas as sponsorship activations, fan experience or players’ participation?

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