Like in most sports, women’s football would make no sense without a social fan base that can be described as a family wanting to be taken cared of.

In Spain, more than 1.5 million followers pay close attention to how the Liga Iberdrola advances every weekend. However, the average fan attendance does not surpass the 1,000 spectators per game, 500 more than the average of 2013.

It is clear that the digital channel is the one that will keep holding the biggest stadium in the world, regarding the number of fans attending to the content. Nevertheless, football is lived and breathed on the grass, where fans should enjoy women’s football games if TV channels and sponsors want to achieve a profitable ROI.

Thus, let’s spend time and effort designing a customised experience for our fans, taking care of the touch points that will make them feel as the protagonists:

  • Before the game. Accessibility, match information, news, fan activities, agile and easy payment method in case tickets are being purchased.
  • During the game. Food and drinks services available, clean toilets, interaction in the digital environment, contests and real time information.
  • After the gameFeedback, improvements, complaints, suggests or simply providing the opportunity to make them feel genuinely so they will come back with their friends.

In an environment where women’s football marketing does not have all the resources we would like, let’s use creativity to grab attention and provide fans will all the assets that can make them feel special. For instance, a meet&greet with their favourite players in their birthday.

On the other hand, leveraging synergies from the potential male’s team, in terms of communications, marketing and reach capacity. The official presentation picture of FC Barcelona gathering the men’s and women’s team is a good example.

Tip: gather all the possible data from social media analytics tools, especially Facebook, to describe your followers as precisely as possible. The more you know them, the more you will be able to anticipate and surprise them.

To what point do you know your fans in order to provide them an epic experience?

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