Ask, investigate, observe. Get obsessed. Try to know all those relevant aspects that surround your fan, because he or she is the real owner of your business. They decide what they pay attention to, what works, and what product or service is worth paying for.

When I studied my specialty in sports marketing, I was lucky to learn from David Serrahima, teacher and CEO of Octagon Spain. One of the most valuable insights he brought to the classrooms was the need to know, to the tiniest detail, the customer, client or fan whom you try to create value for. This as simple as difficult premise explains how declining football brands like Reebok have been able to successfully reinvent themselves into the fitness market and disciplines like running or crossfit.

Getting to insanely know your followers or fans will allow you to detect where their needs intersect with your abilities. This research task becomes especially complicated in the sports field, where emotion and passion tend to drive unpredictable attitudes, behaviors and decisions. Therefore, the great challenge is to know how to detect, understand, rationalize and lead all these feelings that determine fans’ decision-making. In addition, the scope must always be focused on the future, observing and intuiting to which trends and behaviors the market will evolve. To do this, you wonder aspects like:

  • How can I get useful and regular feedback from my fans?
  • Which market elements will become crucial in the future?
  • What skills and resources should I adopt to evolve in the same direction?

Worse than not listening would be falling into the error of believing that you already know fans when you really do not understand their emotions. To what extent of precision would you be able to describe them?

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