Our biggest oportunities aren’t hidden in finding new fans or sponsors but in the existing ones.

We usually focus our attention on looking for more instead of delivering more. A tiny shift but with totally different results.

FC Barcelona Women have not always done lots of actions during important games in UWCL or Primera Iberdrola. Actually, their main sponsor Stanley, which invests around 3.5M€ per season, has not been in the spotlight of club’s communications except for special days as the International Women’s Day.

But, the club started to promote its women’s football team across its own members first with:

  • Free access to the women’s team games
  • Special merchandising giveaways
  • Personalised direct marketing communications

And that’s how the word spreads, as when Portland Thorns was born or when Athletic Club started to open the big stadium San Mamés to host the women’s team. 

Fans listen to their peers, not to us. So working on how we can grow from the existing family is the most consistent and profitable way. According to FC Barcelona Women:

  • 96% of club members agree on making the promotion of the women’s team a priority
  • 82% of club members follow the women’s team very closely or sometimes
  • 65% of club members watched the last UWCL final Barça v Lyon

Results aren’t based on prices or schedules but on culture. On feeling part of something greater. The 2nd game at Johan Cruyff Stadium was sold-out since Tuesday

Who are you seeking to satisfy?

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