Connection with fans is based on trust, and trust is built from frequency and consistency.

It’s about showing up when they want to know about you and adding more value than expected.

On August 19th, Manchester United Women played their first ever match. A historic day, game and even a victory against Liverpool in the FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup that went unnoticed on men’s social media. Manchester United’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts even shared content from fans and media regarding the men’s game that ended in a 0-3 defeat but didn’t mention anything about the women.

It’s not the “missed people” that didn’t attend to the game to support the team but the ones who actually care and felt disappointed by the lack of support in such a special date.

The No 1 fan page tweeted: “Good job we’re here, the official account with ZERO updates during the first half.”

This starting 2018-19 season represents a new chapter, era and opportunity to show how Manchester United wants to level up and push women in football.

So far, it seems that their neighbours at Manchester City know far better how to leverage synergies between the women’s and the men’s team.

Hope it can be a valuable learning to do something more in the future.

Photo credit: Manchester United

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