Everyday, women’s football face a challenge of respect.

Some top clubs and competitions keep making steps forward gathering more resources, fans, media attention, partners engagement and high-quality players.

On the other hand, some clubs, especially exclusive women’s clubs, struggle to follow the path of the big ones. We will also see it at the next World Cup, fully professional national associations against amateur ones.

The elite of women’s football demands respecting top conditions for the top level of the game. That means, professional structures in clubs and national associations, media coverage, sponsors support, fan attendance and a sustainable business.

It doesn’t mean small clubs and national associations don’t respect the game, it means the game requires high-level standards for its highest level. And those who don’t match these standards will be left behind.

In my opinion, next FIFA World Cup in 2019 needs to become an inflexion point to:

  • Show, convince and drive respect for the top standards across all stakeholders
  • Promote more presence of women in leadership and decision-making levels
  • Spread the fairness, family-friendly and quality of the game to the world

A big show to serve an even bigger change.

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

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