Analyst, close and constructive. This how Sandra Sánchez shows up, indispensable at the Digital Strategy and Content Creation for LaLiga, where she constantly adds value in favour of Spanish women’s football and for Liga Iberdrola. She also works as a TV commentator for Futboleras, at Movistar, a pioneer and exclusive programme about women’s football. Before working for Cope, Onda Cero and MARCA, she played for Real Valladolid and Atlético de Madrid. Football as a life partner.

“Attracting stadium fans to clubs’ matchday facilities” is one of the key challenges for growth in women’s football that Sandra oversees. From her standpoint, the average attendance of 15,000 spectators in big stadiums is great news, but the real development is at appealing the average fan.

“Women’s football should leverage the impact of men’s more”. Following a similar strategy as LaLiga’s campaign #HablamosDeLoMismo (#WeTalkAboutTheSame), the interest from brands would be stronger if we could get the game closer to the biggest entertainment, men’s football. Sandra also remarks some promotional actions run in relevant games by Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona.

“It’s crucial to insist a lot more in communication to drive more interest”, a piece of advice reflected in benchmarks as Athletic Club, who did a great campaign with interviews, coverage and actions with the men’s team before playing against Atlético de Madrid in San Mamés. On the other hand, she points out the potential for improvement at a national association level, referring to the weak promotional campaign when Spain faced United States.

Useful ideas and proposals to push Spanish women’s football, directly from one of LaLiga’s executives. You can enjoy the full interview (Spanish) here:

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