One year ago, FA CEO Martin Glenn at Leaders congress shared his thoughts on the rise of women’s football in England.

Following the success of las UEFA Women’s Euro hosted in the Netherlands, the FA designed and launched a plan to boost participation among girls and women in football, with a set of clear goals for 2017-2020 period:

  • Double the participation of women
  • Double the amount of fans
  • Consistent success on the world stage

On August 29th, the FA submitted its official bid to stage the UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 in England. The final decision will be made on December, 3rd.

Glenn stated that their aim is to “make UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 the biggest and best showcase for women’s football ever seen in Europe.”

Here you can see the FA plan to make football more popular than netball among women in the next years.

Women's Football Marketing

Photo credit: The FA

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