A vision. An idea. A future. One why. Only if you are able to effectively communicate the reason why you exist for certain people to feel identified, you will be able to engage to change what you care about.

Simon Sinek in his The Golden Circle theory explains how only those organizations that construct their strategy on the purpose and impact they want to cause in the world achieve success, to the detriment of those that superficially focus their message on technical aspects or product features . Fans, sponsors, federations, leagues, members and employees are all likely to connect, share and fight for your vision. In the worst case, you do not have a clear and defined vision or simply not shared. It is about the future you describe to walk towards everyday. This is why we see fans from distant countries buy your team’s jersey when they feel identified with your values or why we see footballers switch apparently smaller clubs to feel engaged with a certain philosophy.

A good example of this concept is the #LikeAGirl campaign, launched by the brand of feminine hygiene products Always, member of Procter&Gamble group. We could visualize the spot again and again and we would not find out what the company really sells. Even less when the final slogan is “Rewrite the rules”. Although, what we can identify is the stereotype-defying spirit that emerges youngest characters.

As a club, player, brand or championship, what is the pillar of the story you tell to your market in order to connect with its deepest values?

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