The big consultancy firm Deloitte recently released its sports industry trends report for present year 2018. What can we apply to women’s football?

The content of the study is build in the areas of fan safety, ticket packaging, millennials, blockchain, student-athlete in US and social activism as main drivers in sports for 2018.

From my perspective, as women’s football professionals we should take a look at the following insights:

  1. More flexibility in ticketing. Attendance is one of the important subjects to be analysed in women’s football. It’s important to find new formulas that appeal to new customer behaviours. For instance, flat fee per season where members can attend a predetermined number of games through subscription-based mobile passes; a “banking” system membership whereby fans choose to make an advance deposit to purchase tickets throughout the season or standing-room-only areas within the stadium through season subscription for social groups.
  2. Content marketing for millennials. Addressing an important part of the budget to be where millennials are, the next generation of fans. Facilitating content development, social engagement or ticketing purchasing via mobile is crucial to have them on board. Obtaining data from this environment to design targeted content will be a must to be the ‘cool’ plan for the weekend.
  3. Go beyond sports. Defining a social purpose or a goal thought to make an impact will resonate with fans, society, brands and sports stakeholders. Committing to invest, donate or carry actions to support social activist initiatives, particularly for the bottom line, can be a powerful tool for differentiation.

Here you can read the full report on  Deloitte’s 2018 Sports Industry Trends 

How are you going to make a difference?

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