Is sponsorship in women’s football profitable, worthy and interesting?


Last Monday I had the opportunity to be with the students of UCFB’s Etihad Campus, discussing about women’s football sponsorship.

The webinar was structured in the following parts:

  • What is sponsorship
  • Why sponsorship in women’s football
  • How is sponsorship done in women’s football
  • How can I do sponsorship?
  • Conclusions

If you want to go straight forward to the gold of the session, that’s the list of reasons for attracting sponsors, here you have it:

  1. Associating with unique values as closeness and purpose
  2. Reaching a specific niche audience
  3. Launching more creative and flexible activations
  4. Engaging with fans in a closer way
  5. Investing little money for assets what will increase their value
  6. Leveraging the first-mover advantage
  7. Empathising with a global equality movement
  8. Partnering big clubs with far smaller investment
  9. Taking advantage from male’s team resources
  10. Having less competition among team’s sponsors to shine

If you want to know more details about it, here you can watch the full webinar, hope it can be useful:

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