#AcceptTheChallenge is the new social media campaign launched by LaLiga and the American National Women’s Soccer League.

The goal? Making the first football challenge launched by women go viral.
The strategy? Addressing the challenge from player to player on Instagram.

Players as Lieke Martens, Carli Lloyd, Toni Duggan, Sydney Leroux or Yael Averbuch have already shown their skills in the challenge.

Alex Morgan and Marta Vieira are two of the top players who haven’t participated, at least until today.

From my perspective, there are some points worth mentioning about #AcceptTheChallenge:

  • Women’s football family. Appealing to the feeling of family and same team within women’s football is effective and authentic.
  • Why the challenge. Is there any further message to make an impact with the campaign? The #IceBucketChalleng had a social goal.
  • What about fans. Players tag among them but they don’t really ask followers to accept the challenge.
  • What about other countries. The campaign looks like designed for LaLiga and NWSL players.
  • What about other platforms. Most players, like Toni Duggan and Lieke Martens, are just posting the challenge on Instagram. The reach could be unlimited if more platforms were involved.
  • What about boys. It’s the first challenge launched by women’s football players, but can boys participate as well?

Obviously there will always be room for improvement, so let’s not accept just good.

Good is the enemy of great.

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