Olga García, Amanda Sampedro, Maldini and the men’s World Cup.

Today at 7pm (Spain) and on Herbalife’s Facebook, you will have the chance to ask any question to them, with a special focus on the next FIFA World Cup starting very soon in Russia.

Do you imagine Messi and Cristiano answering live questions about the next France 2019 Women’s World Cup?

We need a round trip ticket. Giving and receiving.

This Herbalife’s activation gathering their brand ambassadors is great. It will provide them with more exposure in a sports thrilling moment with the start of the biggest tournament in the world. They will probably gain followers, brand awareness and position themselves as football experts.

However, if the trip is only one way, we will be always locating men’s football on top of everything.

Having a clear goal for the campaign is one of the most important key factors for its success:

  • Is it a campaign to give Olga and Amanda more visibility?
  • Is it a campaign to give Maldini more visibility?
  • Is it a campaign to get Herbalife brand inside men’s World Cup conversation?

Here are some ideas to complete the brand activation:

  1. Get Cristiano Ronaldo, Herbalife’s brand ambassador, to discuss with Olga or Amanda about the coming men’s and women’s World Cup
  2. Film a video about “a normal day” of Olga or Amanda, using Herbalife products, showing the life of a football player from the inside
  3. Launch another Facebook Live before the women’s World Cup to ask both and a women’s football expert how the preparation is going

It will also be a way of diversifying risk, you can become world champion on both sides.

Photo credit: Herbalife

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