“Advertising that seeks to establish a deeper association and integration between an advertiser and a publisher”.

This is how sponsorship has traditionally been understood.

Sponsorship is not just paying for your logo to be shown.
Sponsorship is not disturbing your fans with branded messages.
Sponsorship is not forgetting to care about your partners.
Sponsorship is not avoiding to measure the return of investment (ROI).

Nowadays, we are still shifting from the old paradigm to the new one, where sponsorship is about:

Connecting brands to the very heart of fan passion”. 

Let’s start defining the impact we want to make on our fans.
Let’s obsess with knowing how they feel, think and behave.
Let’s understand their customer journey to craft a remarkable experience.
Let’s find out where your fan, their passion and your brand connects.

Women's Football Marketing

Give 10x times more than expected through a personal, relevant and anticipated marketing.

You will win the game.

Photo credit: FIFA.com

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