For the first time, FIFA has launched a global strategy for women’s football in order to boost its growth and professionalism worldwide. To date, the top of the iceberg of FIFA’s work has been the World Cups every 4 years. In 1970, FIFA decided to strongly reinvest in this tournament to integrate it to its core strategy. In barely 20 years, the number of participant national teams doubled, from 12 to 24 in 2015.

At a marketing level, the new global strategy presented this week has also born with the aim to leverage one of the main opportunities of this sport, frequency. An audience of 1 billion is the goal for next World Cup in France. I’m sure it will be achieved, the question is how we can use that to build momentum until the next World Cup in 4 years.

The new plan presented from Zürich will focus on growing participation, enhancing commercial value and building the foundations of the future women’s football. To improve frequency, new competitions at an international and domestic level will be created. As a consequence, we will have a more complete and exciting calendar, reinforced with a specific marketing and communications plan.

You can check more details of the new plan here:

Women’s Football Strategy
Women’s Football Strategy – Snapshot

Photo credit: Lionesses

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