In every project you work on, you should make clear the following questions from the start:

Who’s it for?
What’s it for?

It begins by picking your market, selecting that segment or niche you are aiming to because you can make a positive impact on them.

In women’s football, sponsors can associate to different values to reach different audiences, depending on who they want to interact with their brand.

It can be more or less risky, effective, impactful and profitable depending on the moment, quality of the message, product or the experience provided to the audience. Brands have different ways to get into the heart of women’s football fans, some of them are the following:

  • Athletes. Players are a valuable opportunity to leverage personal and strong values that a brand can share. You are constantly exposed to ups and downs.
  • Clubs. More common with local or regional brands that aim to reach a part of the city or village population. In many cases, they don’t have a national or international impact.
  • Tournaments and leagues. That’s investing for the big national or international impact, being on a regular or concrete basis. Fans support national teams or clubs, that’s the source of passion.
  • National associations. Remarkably appealing to a national emotion and to a domestic territory, being part of the proud or disappointing result. Off-season activations are more and more common and interesting.

Do your sponsors’ brands match your sports brand expectations?

Here you have some examples of each one:

Unlimited Alex Morgan
Stanley teams up with FC Barcelona Femení
Make some noise
Happiness is seeing yourself in the game

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