Today is my birthday, 26 years old. I was very curious about how the few spam mailing that I’m not unsubscribed (yet) would congratulate me.

In just a few hours, I received 6 emails with very different goals and perspectives.

The worst of them:

We invite you to enter to your personal area of our website

We give you a free cookie at our cafeteria

We invite you to enter to our website to see our stuff

According to Pareto’s Law, only 20% of the mails will be worth having a look at. And this principle applies very well, just one emailing got my attention and click. A brand that sells technology devices, games, smartphones and laptops invited me to play a customised game to receive my present. A simple (and easy) challenge with a final reward. Different and funny.

What does this have to do with women’s football?

More than we expect. We can have two approaches when getting in touch with fans, the win-win or win-lose approach, the customer or the product focus. The one that got my click was the brand that thought about not selling stuff but connecting with me.

Let’s approach women’s football stakeholders, especially followers, with this perspective. We are here for them, not the opposite. Let’s rethink all our communication actions in order to ensure they get a substantial benefit from our connections, taking into account previous information and interactions.

Let’s get into our fans birthday parties.

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