If there is a lot of room for marketing in women’s football, let’s do it with a personal approach.

Let’s build a marketing designed to build relationships, connections and experiences, rather than messages that go directly to the spam inbox.

The digital environment is one of the most significant channels we can use to build trust within women’s football audience. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Youtube or our website.

Before marketing through these platforms we must give. Give before asking.

The goal should be getting permission, email is great, to start a relevant conversation. In social media, it’s easy to measure everything based on engagement or reach, but how can it be useful if we don’t start connections?

Design your social media platforms and website to attract interest and to generate trust. Ebooks, platforms, discounts, experiences or other kinds or lead magnets.

Give a lot more than expected and regularly to create a connection we all care about.

Do you ask for permission or forgiveness?

Photo credit: HoustonDynamo.com

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