According to TED speaker Eduardo Briceño, in order to get better at the things we care about, we need to work either on the performance and the learning zone.

We dedicate a lot of time to work, perform and get results but, how much time do you save for improving your results?

Especially in women’s football, there’s a huge potential to be learned, analysed, tested and improved. In a sport where, many opportunities in terms of marketing and business are emerging, we need to learn as fast as possible to be ahead of the competition. As professionals in women’s football, optimising that learning process is crucial to take all the waves coming from the sea.

If we have a look at the Cone of Learning, the focus of the learning process should be at the doing, simulating or doing a presentation of what we are going to do. It’s great to read books (I love it) about marketing or women’s football, but we will go much further if we take action. To leave space for doing, I suggest:

  • Identify an area where you can launch, test and adapt constantly and do it. For instance, merchandising
  • Dedicate 30’ a day to write 10 potential ideas to be launched within 24 hours and 3 immediate steps to get started
  • Ask your colleagues or teammates to join this ‘ideas lab’ to enrich this process

We tend to remember up to 90% of what we say and do. So let’s say and, overall, do new things to learn first-hand where women’s football leads us.

How much do you care about learning to learn better and faster?

Women's Football Marketing

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