At a steadily and unstoppable rhythm, women’s football is building a marketable and profitable fan base worth engaging with. Expanding awareness and weakening mindset barriers through quality on the pitch and admiration in word-of-mouth.

According to Nielsen Sports, sponsorship in women’s sports grew by 37% and 49% in terms of announced deals and monetary size respectively, between 2013 and 2017. A 19% increase in the number of deals completed by clubs, federations and teams.

A new landscape where brands as Iberdrola or Visa are showing a true commitment, the latest becoming not just the first ever sponsor of UEFA Women’s Football but joining in a seven-year deal partnership, until 2025. TV rights holders as Mediapro acquiring the rights to broadcast next FIFA Women’s World Cup in France and prestigious clubs as Manchester City or Liverpool facing more mature challenges as balancing sponsorship and matchday revenues.

The following study has been carried out with the goal to provide a snapshot of the current situation of European women’s football from a marketing perspective. In it, you will learn:

  • What brands sponsor women’s football clubs in Europe
  • Qué marcas lideran el mercado de patrocinio técnico en España, in Spain, England, France and Germany
  • What women’s football clubs are the most followed in social media in Europe
  • What teams dedicate exclusive accounts in social media for their women’s teams

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Marketing Snapshot in Europe

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