Revolution moments throughout our journey. Learnings as essential as valuable to keep moving forward. This is how I perceive what we use to call failures.

Many of them, in my adventure in women’s football marketing and, many others, in the most personal field. I hope you can accelerate your growth process:

1. Not making things clear from the beginning. Income, duties and norms are variables I haven’t taken care enough when starting projects. Learning: being very clear about what I will earn, what my tasks are, what the rules are and at what point I will leave the project.

2. Not respecting timings and responsibilities with different projects, wanting to cover more than I could and letting it affect the quality of my work. Learning: establishing blocks of time per project and using Toggl as a time management tool.

3. Underestimating me and earning less than I deserved, placing myself below the value I delivered. Learning: reviewing and being aware of my virtues and the impact they have on other projects and pricing my work accordingly.

4. Having less discipline than I considered necessary, being your own boss implies establishing your schedules, objectives and standards. Learning: being less ambitious at the beginning and starting with an affordable level to grow.

5. Being impulsive and in a hurry to “succeed”, not knowing exactly what “success” meant to me and generating stress and anxiety on a regular basis. Learning: being grateful about the opportunities and milestones reached today, in the present.

6. Obsessing on the number of subscribers instead of how providing more value to those who already trust my work, overlapping the quantity over quality. Learning: establishing metrics and KPI’s to measure the quality and satisfaction of those who care.

7. Not listening enough to my audience to adapt the content I publish according to what they need and look for in my channels. Learning: analysing feedback from surveys and setting indicators to measure how content performs.

8. Forgetting about the profitability of a project, focusing mainly on how to satisfy people and forgetting about profitability. Learning: learning about business models and put them into practice.

9. Having not listened to my instinct enough, in relation to situations, people and projects that moved me away from who I wanted to become. Learning: observing my thoughts, feelings and behaviour more often and making decisions based on it.

10. Little radical focus on tasks and people, applying less than I would like the Pareto 80/20 rule. Solution: analysing which 20% of people, tasks and projects are most relevant to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Deeply grateful for these and for those who will come.

Which ones are yours?

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